Terms and Conditions

Before using this website (www.shinil-brg.com)), please read the Terms and Conditions (hereafter “This Clause”). This Site is provided by SHIN IL GLOBAL CO., LTD. and is used only for information provision.

Restriction of Use

SHIN IL GLOBAL CO., LTD. (hereafter the “Company”) grants users restricted access and use of non-exclusive and non-transferable information (“Data”) on text, pictures, audio, files, links, source codes, etc. posted on This Site. Users can peruse and download data solely for private and non-commercial purposes, and rights to Data or copies are not transferred to the users.

The users should

  • 1. keep all the copies of the downloaded Data as it includes the notice of copyright and other property ownership contained in the Data,
  • 2. not modify, reproduce, publicly post, execute, publish the Data regardless of the method but also not use the Data for any other public or commercial purpose,
  • 3. not transfer the Data to a 3rd Party unless the 3rd Party agrees to bear the responsibilities under the terms and conditions of This Clause and This Site.

Users also should agree to comply with all additional conditions updated and announced on This Site in the future. Copyrights for This Site and all the Data posted on This Site are protected by copyright laws and international conventions in each country, and users agree to prevent illegal copying of the Data. If a user fails to comply with the terms and conditions under This Clause on This Site, the rights granted to the user will automatically lapse without prior notice, and the user must immediately eradicate copies of all downloaded, retained, and/or managed Data. The Company does not grant users any explicit or implicit authority over any patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, and/or business information, unless otherwise expressly authorized by This Clause.

Links to an External Site

The Company can provide links to other websites on This Site, and if you use the linked site, users will stop using This Site. The Company does not guarantee the reliability of the website linked to This Site and is not responsible for the contents of the website linked or the use of the website.

External Links to This Site

External links to This Site must be approved in writing by the Company in advance. However, the following cases do not need to obtain written approval as an exception: these include (1) text-only link containing only the name “SHIN IL GLOBAL CO., LTD.” or “SHIN IL Global Corporation”, (2) a link that does not connect to a sub-page but only to, (3) a link in which the page is displayed on the full screen in a new browser window capable of operation and search, not in the frame of the website with the link when a user clicks a link, and (4) a link in which the shape, location, or other aspect of the link is not misleading, such as an externally linked website or activities or products made there are related to the Company or sponsored by SHIN IL GLOBAL CO., LTD.; or finally, in the case of links that do not damage the name of the Company and the good standing of the trademark. At any time, the Company may revoke the permission of external links to This Site at their discretion, and in that case, the user must immediately remove all external links to This Site and stop using all trademarks of SHIN IL GLOBAL CO., LTD.

Personal Information Directly-Provided by the User

The personal identification information provided by the user to the Company through This Site is protected by the Company’s Privacy Policy to This Site, and the user must not send confidential information or information subject to exclusive rights to the user. The user agrees that, among the information they provided to the Company, information or Data not requested by the Company, is not subject to confidential information or exclusive rights to the user. By providing such information or Data to the Company, the user agrees to grant a free, unrestricted license to use, reproduce, display, publicly publish, transmit, and/or distribute information and Data, and freely use the ideas, concepts, and know-hows provided to the Company. Users should not provide slanderous, threatening, obscene, and/or other illegal information or Data, or information or Data containing the Data subject to the rights of others to SHIN IL GLOBAL CO., LTD.

Rejection of Unauthorized Collection of Email Addresses

The Company refuses to collect email addresses posted on This Site without permission using email address collection programs and/or other technical devices; therefore, please note that individuals or organizations violating this will be criminally punished under the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.”

Jurisdiction over the Domestic Law of the User’s Country

SHIN IL GLOBAL CO., LTD. manages and operates This Site at its headquarters in Changwon, Korea. If the user uses This Site in a country other than Korea, the user is responsible for complying with domestic laws of the country in relation to Data and 3rd Party content.


The Company may amend, modify, add and/or delete all or part of This Clause at any time at its own discretion, and the amendments of This Clause shall take effect when such notice of amendment is posted. If the user continues to use the site even after the notification of amendment is posted, the user is considered to have agreed to the change. The Company can terminate, amend, suspend, or halt access to This Site and some of its functions at any time, and may place restrictions on specific functions and services. The Company may forfeit the validity of the authority, rights, and permissions granted to the user under This Clause, and the user must immediately eradicate all Data at the same time.


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